The Sand House

This piece told of the history and legacy of The Sand House in Doncaster. It began in 2016 with R&D exploring the possibilities of sand as a material. I continued to use the concept of the properties of sand as a basis for the design development, together with semiotic interpretations around time and impermanence. The design also worked with the dynamics of space in a fluid arrangement of ladders and planks.

DSC_0221 copy.jpg

The Jungle Book

For this re-imagining of the Kipling classic I created a fluid and minimal design enriched by the use of natural materials suggested by the jungle setting. Giant leaves made from willow were manipulated in an ever-changing choreography and the use of willow material was carried through to the design of the snake, Kaa, represented by a woven willow head, together with a series of baskets carried by the actors to make up the body. 



This dance piece exploring the effects of depression on the body was developed over three years. It combined aerial choreography, projection mapping and live music with consideration of the embodied experience of movement within technologically mediated environments. I was able to combine my technical, practical knowledge with an understanding of the affective qualities of materials to produce a visually stunning design.


The Amuseum

This practice based research used the conceptual framework of a museum to explore our relationship with things. Combining film, animation and a created environment, this was a durational experience that allowed participants to use their imaginations to engage with the meaning and materiality of quotidian objects.

Signs collage.jpg

Making Tracks

A creative walking project, accessible to wheelchair users, exploring our relationship with the environment along the Huddersfield Narrow Canal.



Using my scenographic sensibilities, I create short films combining live action and animation to explore our relationship with the world, both material and virtual.