University of Leeds

I am currently a full-time practice-based PhD researcher at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council through the White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities. My research aims to develop a scenographic framework for articulating the way people experience the places they walk.

MA, Performance Design, University of Leeds

The design sensibilities I developed as a scenographer led me to investigate the relationship between human and non-human materialities, drawing on theories of vibrant matter (Bennett 2010) and meshworks (Ingold 2010). Having been involved with an organisation who help disabled people access the countryside, I became interested in the way that particular mobility affects the perception of environment. My final MA research project used field work to explore the affective experience of wheelchair users in countryside and used scenographic methods to analyse the findings.

Going for a Wander.

This film uses audio recordings from my research, together with video taken from a wheelchair user's perspective.

Walking a Different Way: modes of encounter in mobile, site-specific performance.

MA Thesis by Kate Morton

Using light and shadow play to explore the experience of walking.